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Anders Nivfors new version of NFOpad 2006-10-08 19:15:11
I released a new version of NFOpad today, with some requested features implemented, list of updates:
- searching the text is now possible
- added support for dropping files on the program
- printing is now possible, the output is plain text though
- the program will check the extension in order to set the correct font
- added support for additional text encoding formats
- program will quit on ESC
- more shortcut keys for main menu added
- Removed first time message about context integration (the feature can
be set upon install or in options)
- options added:
- Use extension to determine font
- ask to save unsaved document upon exit
- close program on ESC key
plus a bunch of minor updates and bug fixes.

If you have any comments or bug reports on the new version please let me know.