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Anders Nivfors NFOpad 1.5 released 2008-12-01 19:39:03
Lot's of changes, most notable is faster loading times of large text files, unicode support and replace functionality.

- Full Unicode support
- "Copy on select" added which copies the selected text on mouse up, can be enabled in Options
- "New Window" menu item added. Opens a new instance of NFOpad
- Replace functionality added
- Selected text is automatically copied to the search field
- Search dialog has new settings for "always start from top" and "close on search"
- Search dialog uses ASCII font if that is used in the text
- Added support for Vista/XP themes.
- Loading and saving of files rewritten (loading a large text is much faster)
- Added option when using "extension determines font" to use either nfo or txt as default extension when saving and viewing files without extension
- Increased max number of recent items to 20
- Dropping a shortcut (.lnk) on NFOpad will open the referenced file as expected
- Optimized url and e-mail detection which could be really slow on large text files
- Changed how the application settings are stored, this unfortunately means all your old settings will be wiped
- Readme added to Help menu
- The standard windows taskbar menu items added
- Fixed some printing issues
- Fixed bug when clicking on an address in the text if it was on the last line
- Default settings changed for text font and recent files count
- Finally got rid of some old bugs