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Version: 1.81
Size: 1.44 MiB
OS: xp/vista/7/8/10
Release date: 2022-11-27
License: freeware
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NFOPad is a small, fast and flexible text editor and nfo viewer. It is a clone of Microsoft's Notepad but much more customizable and with lot's of additional features yet maintaining the minimalistic look. NFOPad also supports nfo files with ASCII art. The file extension is used to determine whether to use an ANSI or ASCII font. NFOPad also fully supports Unicode.

 - Hyperlink and e-mail detection
 - Highly customizable (fonts, colors, app. settings)
 - Built in ASCII-fonts for nfo files
 - Localized (Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian)
 - Portable
 - Unicode support
 - Text zooming
 - Indent selection (tabify)
 - Sorting selected lines alphabetically
 - Printing
 - Searching & replacing text
 - Window auto width
 - Improved word selection on double click and on CTRL selecting
 - Triple click for selecting whole lines
 - Support for adding/removing a specified string to the start of all selected lines (typically used for commenting out lines in script/code)
 - Close on ESC key
 - Tab width setting
 - Shell integration (optional)
 - Extension determines font
 - File drag-n-drop
 - Open next/previous file in directory of the currently open file
 - Direct scrolling options
 - Copy on select option
 - Insert/overwrite mode
 - Recently opened files list
 - Go to line
 - Delete line
 - Alpha blend support
 - Always on top option
 - Word wrap option
 - MS Notepad's .LOG functionality

Click image for a larger view:

NFOPad (.nfo file)
NFOPad (.nfo file)
NFOPad (.txt file)
NFOPad (.txt file)
Notepad and NFOPad comparison

Program translations are made by users of the program. A big thank you goes out to the translators; Stefan S, Miguel Dias, Mauricio Cantún Caamal, Barnaba, tommili, Zilung, Klevest, 4Li, Bruno Leonardo, SzalayZ, Bogdan Donchura, Igor Rückert, Marco Tesseli, nickW, slavusec and IONIL.

If you are interested in helping out with localizing NFOPad or have corrections please contact me.

Awards, anti-virus reports, links
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Download older versions
NFOPad 1.8 (portable)
NFOPad 1.75 (portable)
NFOPad 1.74 (portable)
NFOPad 1.73 (portable)
NFOPad 1.72 (portable)
NFOPad 1.71 (portable)
NFOPad 1.7 (portable)
NFOPad 1.69 (portable)
NFOPad 1.68 (portable)
NFOPad 1.67 (portable)
NFOPad 1.66 (portable)
NFOPad 1.65 (portable)
NFOPad 1.64 (portable)
NFOPad 1.63 (portable)
NFOPad 1.62 (portable)
NFOPad 1.61 (portable)
NFOPad 1.6 (rar)
NFOPad 1.59 (rar)
NFOPad 1.58 (rar)
NFOPad 1.57 (rar)
NFOPad 1.56 (rar)
NFOPad 1.55 (rar)
NFOPad 1.54 (zip)
NFOPad 1.53 (zip)
NFOPad 1.52 (zip)
NFOPad 1.51 (zip)
NFOPad 1.5 (zip)
NFOPad 1.42 (zip)
NFOPad 1.41
NFOPad 1.4
NFOPad 1.3
NFOPad 1.2
NFOPad 1.1
NFOPad 1.0

Version history
[NFOPad 1.81]      2022-11-27
- Fixed issue with using alt + keypad numbers to insert special characters

[NFOPad 1.8]       2022-04-02
- Added support for zooming the text with Ctrl+plus/Ctrl+minus/Ctrl+0 or scrollwheel
- Added support for adding/removing a specified string to the start of all selected lines (typically used for commenting lines in scripts/source code)
- All icons updated and 256x256 version added
- Untabify now remove spaces as well as tabs
- Added Reset all settings button to Options/Misc
- "Allow changes to text" checkbox moved from menu to Options/Misc to avoid accidental use of feature and READ ONLY status bar item will be shown when set
- bugfix: ctrl-stepping the caret did not work for some cases
- bugfix: open new file with F6/F7 did not ask to save unchanged changes
- bugfix: horizontal scroll position restored properly for a bunch of cases

[NFOPad 1.75]      2020-02-09
- Triple clicking now selects the whole line
- Open dialog now shows all file types by default
- Recent files list now shows 10 files instead of 6 by default
- Bugfix: opening a new file with the same contents as the currently open did not scroll the text to the top
- Minor tweaks and fixes

[NFOPad 1.74]      2018-06-16
- Improved detection of when to load text as unicode (tries to detect UTF-8/UTF-16 even when the BOM is missing)
- Fixed so non-text files containing null is displayed as expected
- Pasted text with non-windows line endings (\n instead of \r\n) is now displayed properly
- Fixed Replace/Replace all not working for some cases if clipboard was locked
- URL detection improved to handle URLs within other tags
- Initial paths set in Open/Save dialog when passing a file as argument to the exe
- Misc. optimizations
- Localization updates

[NFOPad 1.73]      2017-09-09
- Added command for sorting the selected lines alphabetically
- Recent files list instantly updated for all open NFOPad instances
- Scrolled position is preserved so the selected text is kept in view (for when reopening files, changing wordwrap/font etc)
- When reopening a file the text selection is no longer preserved if the selected text has changed
- Fix for detection of email addresses within citation marks
- Tabify behavior tweaked
- .LOG feature (adding current date and time on open) now marks file as dirty as expected
- Bugfix: Opening a file which ends with a non-empty line will no longer add one empty line
- Bugfix: Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert no longer toggles OVERWRITE
- Bugfix: Tabify honors read only setting
- Minor fixes to both NFOPad and the installer

[NFOPad 1.72]      2016-11-14
- Tab key will indent the current selection (tabify)
- Hebrew localization added
- Url/email detection improvements
- Apostrophe added as word delimiter by default for better word selection in scripts/source code
- App path registration fixed for non admin windows accounts
- Installer updated to fix windows 10 issues
- Bugfix: Delete line did not work as expected if word wrap was enabled

[NFOPad 1.71]      2016-02-20
- Load times for large text files improved
- Double clicking a word and keeping the button held down now allows the user to select several words just as ctrl + click
- Slovak localization added
- Set the NFOPad icon on "Edit with NFOPad" in the windows context menu
- Opening an empty NFOPad, adding text and removing it again will no longer prompt to save on close
- Added help text about starting the app as administrator when writing to the registry fails
- Localization fixes
- Bugfix: when having the menu bar hidden, AltGr no longer flickers the menu when held down
- Bugfix: Auto Window Width no longer changes the window size when NFOPad is maximized

[NFOPad 1.7]       2015-07-30
- Search while typing setting added
- Different icons can now be selected when associating files with NFOPad, the old one updated and five new added
- Fixed the file extension description to display the correct file type when associating files with NFOPad
- Associating files from NFOPad should now always work and will immediately update the explorer icons
- Bugfix: Shell/Edit extension dialog was not always checking the "Use NFO font" setting correctly
- Bugfix: auto width was not calculated correctly for some cases
- Localization fixes

[NFOPad 1.69]      2014-04-06
- French localization added
- Fixed so CTRL + backspace removes the whole word

[NFOPad 1.68]      2014-01-26
- Italian localization added
- Minor localization and code fixes

[NFOPad 1.67]      2013-10-27
- Brazilian Portuguese added
- Added so F6/F7 will open the next/previous file in the directory of the currently open file
- Double click on path in status bar will copy it to the clipboard
- Fixed so the NFOPad window and dialogs don't open outside the desktop
- Bugfix: text in main window could get manipulated using keyboard shortcuts when the Find dialog had focus
- Bugfix: restoring scrolled position in text failed for some cases if selection was outside of the view
- Bugfix: minor fixes

[NFOPad 1.66]      2013-01-20
- Ukrainian localization added
- INI file location can be selected from Options
- Find text will try to scroll so the matched string is not at the bottom of the screen for better overview
- Fixed so undo works for the following operations: delete line, replace, replace all, change case and insert date
- Bugfix: "Count search hits" and "Replace all" dialogs could end up behind the NFOPad main window
- Bugfix: When searching to the end and then reversing search direction Find had to be pressed twice

[NFOPad 1.65]      2012-09-30
- Word selection updated, now works for ctrl + click, ctrl + arrow keys and double click. Also appending a word to the selection with ctrl + shift + click works as expected now
- Added a customizable list of word delimiters
- Performance fixes for opening and saving large documents
- Bugfix: NFO files not shown correctly on some systems, changed default setting for "load nfo files with western latin encoding" to false for all except users with asian operating systems
- Bugfix: When NFOPad was set to be always on top some dialogs were hidden by the main window
- Bugfix: Windows information/warning sounds were played incorrectly on some dialogs
- Bugfix: Some dialogs was not positioned correctly if the main window had been moved
- Bugfix: Filesize was not shown on locked files
- Bugfix: Portuguese localization file updated
- Minor fixes

[NFOPad 1.64]      2012-04-14
- Hungarian localization added
- Direct scrolling (scroll the text using the arrow keys) and a bunch of options for when to enable it
- Improved dialog shown when trying to save unicode characters with the wrong encoding
- Menu bar can be hidden (use ALT to show it again)
- You can specify where on the screen to open NFOPad by sending in two extra command line arguments (nfopad.exe [file to open] [x coordinate] [y coordinate])
- Specifying a shortcut as command line argument now opens the referenced file
- Bugfix: opening files from network shares or really long paths could fail
- Bugfix: error message for setting NFOPad language was sometimes incorrectly shown when pressing OK on the Options dialog

[NFOPad 1.63]      2011-11-20
- Korean localization added
- Tweaked some default values

[NFOPad 1.62]      2011-10-23
- Russian localization added
- URL detection now also detects URLs starting with www (without http://)
- Pressing insert will switch input mode (overwrite/insert)
- Input mode indicator on the status bar and a setting to turn it off
- Potential fix for NFOPad requesting administrator rights every time it starts
- Bugfix: title of the document was never sent to the printer when printing
- Bugfix: "View with NFOPad" was not removed properly from the context menu
- Bugfix: scrolled position and selection could be reset for some rare cases

[NFOPad 1.61]      2011-10-02
- Chinese localization added
- Added alpha blending support for the program window (and a setting + shortcut)
- Added an asterisk to the program title when the text is changed and unsaved
- Added a setting to disable all registry writes to ensure 100% portability
- Fixed so ctrl-clicking a word to select it also works when holding down the mouse button to select several words
- Context menu renamed "View with NFOPad" -> "Edit with NFOPad"
- Minor layout fixes and code optimizations
- Bugfix: switching font selection using F9-F12 now keeps the scrolled text position
- Bugfix: tabs was handled incorrectly when printing

[NFOPad 1.6]       2010-10-05
- Polish localization added
- Added option for toggling all status bar items on/off
- Added new status bar items: file size, unicode indication, selection length (not shown by default)
- "Match case" in the Find dialog is not saved between sessions anymore
- Added setting for always using the standard tab width 8 for nfo files, since some nfo files assumes this (default true)
- When reopening a file (F5) the text is scrolled back to the previous location
- Find/replace/count performance greatly improved
- Changed some default values for Auto Width
- Fixes and tweaks on how to select text by double clicking and ctrl-clicking
- Added a warning if trying to use a language when the language file has not been installed
- Fixes, checks and warnings regarding reading and writing registry keys for all users using an windows account without admin rights
- bugfix: Find dialog was always on top all other windows
- bugfix: Changing font selection using the menu or keyboard shortcuts did not update the Save As dialog's default extension
- bugfix: Misc localization fixes

[NFOPad 1.59]      2010-07-22
- Program language can be set in options
- Quick switch between NFO/text mode can be done from menu or with shortcut keys.
- URL detection now work within xml tags
- Default encoding for saving files can be set in options
- Fixed taskbar icon to use the one with high resolution
- German localization added
- Portuguese localization added
- Spanish localization added

[NFOPad 1.58]      2010-05-22
- Added support for multiple languages in the GUI. Added localizations for Swedish
- Added setting to select whether to save the window position/size on exit
- Added word count in the search dialog
- Hourglass cursor shown during large operations
- "New Window" will open the new window with a small offset
- Replace All optimized
- "Open" defaults to system default encoding and "Reopen" remembers the selected encoding
- Bugfix: The program settings INI file is now saved as Unicode
- Bugfix: Changing the word wrap setting no longer resets the tab width
- Bugfix: Printing large texts with lots of tabs was very slow
- Bugfix: Application could crash if unable to read the INI file

[NFOPad 1.57]      2010-03-27
- Tab width can be set in Options
- NFOPad warns if trying to save a text with unicode characters with an incompatible encoding
- More intuitive word selection when double clicking a word.
- Double clicking an URL or e-mail address will select it
- Adding ".LOG" at the top of a text tells NFOPad to automatically add the current date and time to the text upon opening, just as Notepad.
- Recent files list always sorted so the most recent files are shown first.
- Word wrapping added when printing to make sure all text fits the page.
- Bugfix: Removed false warning when printing
- Bugfix: Tabs where not handled correctly when printing
- Bugfix: URL/e-mail detection did not work in the end of really long texts
- Bugfix: Delete line was possible in read only mode
- A bunch of minor tweaks

[NFOPad 1.56]      2009-09-25
- Program settings can now be saved to an INI file or the windows registry.
- Added a READ ONLY notification in the status bar.
- "TXT file" is now shown in the Windows Explorer's New menu (can be turned off in Options).
- Bugfix: fixed so force western latin encoding setting doesn't apply to unicode files.
- Bugfix: Save As and changing encoding would reload the wrong file (file saved correctly but wrong text loaded).

[NFOPad 1.55]      2009-06-22
- New Options dialogue
- Added Auto width, including settings in Options
- Added operations for making the selected text uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, title case and inverted case
- Added "Insert Time/Date"
- Added support for URLs within {} and <>
- Save dialog tweaks
- Bugfix: URL detection didn't work on uppercase addresses

[NFOPad 1.54]      2009-05-17
- Made a new icon for NFOPad (and all associated files)
- Added option to search text in reverse direction (shift+F3)
- Improved URL/e-mail detection to handle addresses within parenthesis/brackets and detect the following keywords: http://, https://, ftp://, ftps://, file://, gopher://, news://, nntp://, telnet://, wais://, prospero://
- Added Reopen current file (F5)
- Optimized "Replace all" to be >40 times faster
- Changing the encoding of a file when saving will refresh the text to reflect the change
- Bug fixes

[NFOPad 1.53]      2009-04-13
- Added option "Load NFO files with western latin encoding", true by default. NFO files was not displayed properly for users with a non latin OS language (such as Chinese or Japanese).
- Added separate colors for nfo/txt
- Made it easier to associate new extensions with NFOPad and also made it possible to set what font to use for each extension
- Fixed so you can use Start->Run "nfopad" to start NFOPad, even when the program wasn't installed using the installer
- Removed unwanted shortcuts (CTRL + H, J, I, M)
- Font character set is used and saved properly
- Improved unicode support in Find/Replace dialog
- Suggested filename cleared on New
- Program renamed to NFOPad with a capital P
- Various fixes

[NFOPad 1.52]      2009-02-09
- Added support for some rare line ending characters, fixes problems with some NFO files having double blank lines
- SaveAs dialog now suggests the previous path and filename
- Bugfix: extension detection was case sensitive
- Bugfix: you could open several font/color dialogs in Options which would stall NFOpad
- Bugfix: parts of the recent items list could be cleared and using several NFOpad could overwrite recent items
- Some minor fixes

[NFOPad 1.51]      2009-01-09
- Fixed so locked files can be opened by NFOpad (files used by some other process)
- Additional Unicode support, encoding can be selected upon open and save
- Fixed so the scrolled location in the file is preserved upon replace
- The SaveAs dialog suggests the default extension from the opened file
- Shift+delete to remove a line only applies if nothing is selected in the text (else the selection is removed as expected)

[NFOPad 1.5]       2008-12-01
- Full Unicode support
- "Copy on select" added which copies the selected text on mouse up, can be enabled in Options
- "New Window" menu item added. Opens a new instance of NFOpad
- Replace functionality added
- Selected text is automatically copied to the search field
- Search dialog has new settings for "always start from top" and "close on search"
- Search dialog uses ASCII font if that is used in the text
- Added support for Vista/XP themes.
- Loading and saving of files rewritten (loading a large text is much faster)
- Added option when using "extension determines font" to use either nfo or txt as default extension when saving and viewing files without extension
- Increased max number of recent items to 20
- Dropping a shortcut (.lnk) on NFOpad will open the referenced file as expected
- Optimized url and e-mail detection which could be really slow on large text files
- Changed how the application settings are stored, this unfortunately means all your old settings will be wiped
- Readme added to Help menu
- The standard windows taskbar menu items added
- Fixed some printing issues
- Fixed bug when clicking on an address in the text if it was on the last line
- Default settings changed for text font and recent files count
- Finally got rid of some old bugs

[NFOPad 1.42]      2008-10-07
- Recent files list added to File menu
- Shift+delete deletes the line
- Fixed bug which asked if the user wanted to save changes twice
- Updated some dialogs
- Tooltip fixes
- Fixed so UTF byte-order marks aren't displayed in the text (but keeps it when saved)

[NFOPad 1.41]      2008-03-24
- E-mail address follow added (opens default e-mail client)
- Added CTRL+click as default on e-mail and URL following
- URL/e-mail follow tweaks and optimizations
- Fixed small bug with the status bar not being updated

[NFOPad 1.4]       2007-11-24
- URL follow (on double or single click)
- Status bar added, shows current line, column and full path
- Goto line function added (CTRL+G)
- Warning added when trying to save a file marked as read-only
- Some minor fixes

[NFOPad 1.3]       2007-05-21
- New ASCII fonts included for the nfo-files!
- Font, font style and font size can be changed for both nfo and txt files
- Printing of ASCII text possible
- "Always on top" option added
- Fixed bug with printing the text which messed up the tabs
- When searching, the selected text is automatically copied to the search dialog
- Fixed bug with NFOpad crashing if the computer had no default printer installed (WinXP/Vista)
- Fixed so when saving and having word wrap enabled, the text is not scrolled to the top anymore
- "Save changes to text?" dialog has a Cancel button
- Options dialog tab order fixed

[NFOPad 1.2]       2007-01-08
- New search dialog, search options updated
- Fixed bug that made program save wrapped text on new lines
- Updated associations options
- Default bg color tweaked
- Printing bugs fixed, still only plain text though
- Maximized flag saved, fixes issues when closing the program when maximized
- Default font when "use extension to determine font" is changed to fixedsys
- Save dialog filters updated
- Namelist changed to show filename first
- Fixed bug with name list not being able to handle long filenames or spaces (in certain cases)
- Fixed bug with font not being updated on save file

[NFOPad 1.1]       2006-10-08
- Searching the text is now possible
- Added support for dropping files on the program
- Printing is now possible, the output is plain text though
- The program will check the extension in order to set the correct font
- Added support for additional text encoding formats
- Program will quit on ESC
- More shortcut keys for main menu added
- Removed first time message about context integration (the feature can be set upon install or in options)
- Options added: Use extension to determine font
- Options added: Ask to save unsaved document upon exit
- Options added: Close program on ESC key
- Minor updates and bug fixes

[NFOPad 1.0]       2004-03-08
- first official version

PAD file
Xml file with program specifications used by shareware sites, download here.