True Human Design

Version: 0.3.1
Size: 339 KiB
SHA1: 2B7D7696A81E59B4A2DE4B02BE53380CD5A66805
OS: Windows 7 / Windows 10
Release date: 2023-08-31
License: freeware
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Shaper is a utility to change wallpapers on your desktop on a regular interval.

- Recursive search of a folder
- Image formats supported are BMP, PNG or JPEG
- Random/Sequential selection
- Option to automatically start with windows
- Notification icon to manually select next wallpaper

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Version history:

[Shaper 0.3.1 | 2023-08-31]
- Bugfix: Refresh wallpapers correctly when 'searching of subfolders' is toggled
- Added a feature to prevent the window to show off screen if the desktop size has changed

[Shaper 0.3.0 | 2023-05-14]
- Added support for multiple wallpaper folders
- Added menu option to check for program updates
- Prevent random selection from choosing the current wallpaper again
- Updated the default change interval to 20 minutes
- Modified change intervals 15 and 30 to 20 and 40 respectively
- Changed the '--notray' argument to '--noicon' to hide the notification icon

[Shaper 0.2.0 | 2022-10-24]
- Recursive folder search
- Resize large wallpapers to a suitable size
- Added '--notray' argument to hide tray icon

[Shaper 0.1.0 | 2022-05-15]
- Initial release

Download older versions
Shaper 0.3.0 (SHA1: 402DD66E0E2EAC7A3771CD0CB12D61E5C9838338)
Shaper 0.2.0 (SHA1: C7EABC2D38AC2D1A8C14B6A381D7510431034CD2)
Shaper 0.1.0 (SHA1: 1DB393DE3BC33B6873C0106DA3E4F39F651D0025)

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